Updating your wii

However, if this becomes another "red ring of death" situation, Nintendo may change its mind and fix "bricked" consoles on the company dime instead.

In the meantime, don't install the update, and stay tuned for more info.

We were able to connect to the internet fine, Wifi was fine, and we attempted to update then.

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And as we already had a 320GB external HDD knocking about, it seemed a natural fit.The special channel appears as a standard icon on the Wii interface, and once loaded, will display a list of applications loaded on the SD card.But the drawback to the new firmware update is twofold: it disables the Homebrew Channel, locking hackers out of their naughty, unofficial applications.Although digital versions of Wii U games are nowhere near as large in file size as those available for Xbox One or PS4, nor do you require to install disc-based titles, you will still more than likely find yourself running out of storage space on your Nintendo console.The hard drive on the premium version is limited to 32GB, for instance, which is tiny in comparison to the drives in rival machines, even smartphones these days.

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