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Not surprising to anyone who saw Lambert's rendition of Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire,' his new song, entitled 'Time for Miracles,' is extremely theatrical ...

which makes sense, seeing as it's the theme song for disaster-movie auteur Roland Emmerich's latest end-of-the-world extravaganza '2012.' Moviefone has an exclusive sneak peek at the song, featuring clips of Lambert belting out the tune in the studio, as well as providing the backdrop for plenty of eye-popping apocalyptic footage from the film.

It's a lot of stuff you gotta do, hoops you gotta jump through. Gotta go to some stupid-ass website where you register a catch phrase.

I'm calling it Wolf's BBQ Sauce, available in regular and chipotle.

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Typically, an earthquake along a thrust fault takes place when the pressure of two slabs of rock pushing against each other outweighs the friction holding them in place.

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A powerful earthquake along a thrust fault could cause the ground to tear open and swallow everything above, before violently snapping closed again.

Phil" (played by John Di Domenico), Anton Chigurh (played by Ike Barinholtz), and the Beautiful Assassin (played by Carmen Electra), instead.

Amy shows up with a new boyfriend who models underwear (played by Nick Steele).

But, they’ve long thought that this occurs without any opening.

In the new study, however, researchers simulated such a quake and found that a fast-moving rupture can force one slab of rock to twist away from the other, creating a gap several meters wide.

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