Nonverbal communication in dating relationships dating men in australia

“We miss out on all these non-verbal cues that are so important to knowing things about your romantic partner." Facial expressions, body movements and para-language are just a few of the many non-verbal expressions that allow others to better understand how we’re feeling.During moments of miscommunication, couples will last longer if they know how to convey feelings in a compassionate, clear way.

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Do: Use “I” Language Don't: Place blame Using “I” language helps your partner understand how you’re feeling without placing the blame on them.“’I’ statements help you separate your emotions out from what you’re really feeling versus what you’re putting out there.

Rashottte (1997) identified 98 nonverbal behaviors while L'Abate and Bagarossi (1993) emphasized the importance of nonverbal communication and relationship satisfaction.

They noted that nonverbal parts of a message carry more weight than verbal messages when these two components conflict.

Previous research has documented that communication is the most frequent problem in dating (Knox, Zusman, and Custis, 1988).

Researchers have consistently demonstrated an interest in nonverbal communication.

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