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Recent updates to the list: Cyrus Bischoff, Phillip J.

To determine whether a practitioner has been previously disciplined, click on this link for the List of Previously Disciplined Practitioners.

Parker, he was the go-to guy for some of Hollywood's top attorneys, including Melvin Belli and Jerry Giesler, and operated from the mid-1950s until he lost his private investigator's license in 1965.

With a local radio station in Moscow, Idaho, Marilyn Denis began her Broadcasting career.

She then worked for CJAY-FM and in addition to CFCN-TV and TSN as a weather announcer and sports and entertainment reporter.

She is highly appreciated for her appearance and presentation in the screen.

Marilyn Denis was grown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a dream to achieve a huge success in near future with name and fame.

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