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[508] Place of trial Unless otherwise decided, the place of the trial shall be the seat of the Court. 104; Situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, ICC PT. Judicial notice allows the fact-finder to accept facts of common knowledge.

Article 62 should be read together with Article 3 which provides that the seat of the Court is at The Hague in the Netherlands and that "[t]he Court may sit elsewhere, whenever it considers it desirable, as provided in this Statute". Lubanga, Decision on victim's participation, ICC T. Such facts include those of which an informed and reasonable person has knowledge or which he or she can learn from reliable accessible sources.

Common avenues for sex education are parents or caregivers, formal school programs, and public health campaigns.

Traditionally, adolescents in many cultures were not given any information on sexual matters, with the discussion of these issues being considered taboo.

Rule 100(2) provides that Prosecutor, the defence or a majority of the judges of the Court may fle an application or recommendation changing the place where the Court sits. Chambers to ensure no negative impact on rights of the defence Accordingly, once the Chamber has determined that the interests of a victim or group of victims are affected, it must exercise its discretion when deciding on the modalities of the participation of the victims in the proceedings to ensure that said participation is not prejudicial to or inconsistent with the rights of the Defence and fair and expeditious proceedings [Situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Decision on the Applications for Participation in the Proceedings of VPRS 1, VPRS 2, VPRS 3, VPRS 4, VPRS 5 and VPRS 6, ICC PT. ICC rule 68 permits the admission of written transcripts but is more restrictive than the comparable rules of the ad hoc tribunals; it does not mention judicial notice of adjudicated facts.

Paragraph 3 of the same provides that "[t]he Presidency shall consult the State where the Court intends to sit. Considering the specific provisions of ICC rule 68 Piragoff holds it as unlikely that the Court will exercise its authority to admit adjudicated facts under the power of judicial notice (Piragoff, 2008, pp. Documentary evidence ICTR Rule 94(B) and SCSL Rule 94(b) the Chamber may take judicial notice of documentary evidence from other proceedings.

The outbreak of AIDS has given a new sense of urgency to sex education.Despite early inroads of school-based sex education, most of the information on sexual matters in the mid-20th century was obtained informally from friends and the media, and much of this information was deficient or of dubious value, especially during the period following puberty, when curiosity about sexual matters was the most acute.This deficiency was heightened by the increasing incidence of teenage pregnancies, particularly in Western countries after the 1960s.This demonstrates that formal requirements models can be written for real problems and that for- mal analysis tools have matured to the point where they can be used to find er- rors before implementation.It also points out a clear relationship between re- quirements stated informally as "shalls", formal properties, and requirements models.

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