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The suave upper-class English ditherer whose amiable diffidence got him in and out of romantic jams was a role he would repeat in other Richard Curtis-scripted crowd-pleasers like Notting Hill and Love Actually (in which he played an unfeasibly likeable Prime Minister who falls for his tea lady), and to which he would add a caddish twist as the Mr Naughty (to Colin Firth's Mr Nice) in the Bridget Jones films, and a more nuanced sliver of desperation for About a Boy.Meanwhile, his Hollywood career got off to a dismal start with Chris Columbus's cackhanded Nine Months, in which unplanned pregnancy throws him and Julianne Moore into an unfunny tizzy.The brunette actress wants to take a break from acting and concentrate on working behind the camera.Thirty eight-year-old Bullock says this decision is partly because she had such a great time working with her Two Weeks Notice co-star - Hugh Grant.She knows of his playboy tendencies, but he promises to protect the community center if she works for him.She soon finds that what he really requires is advice in all aspects of his life.

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18, and dished to host Andy Cohen about his on-screen loves, the misconception that he is a nice person, and his feud with Jon Stewart.I really do that well, and I'm still convinced that I'm here because someone dropped out. They know I'm home on Saturday." RELATED: Sandra Bullock's House Gets Broken Into!The star added, "I'd like to thank my style and makeup artist for creating this illusion. I'm just one of the luckiest girls in the world." Adding of the men on-stage, "Three of the people that I'm just so crazy about are right next to me." Who do you think deserves the Decade of Hotness award next year?After that, he was pretty much typecast as posh, though the early performances were more fun than you may remember: dreaming of stocking-tops and fanged temptresses for Ken Russell in Lair of the White Worm (co-starring young Peter Capaldi on bagpipes); assuming the floppy shirt and consumptive cough of Frederic Chopin in Impromptu (alongside Julian Sands as Franz Liszt and Mandy Patinkin as Alfred de Musset – the sort of casting that has us fans of bonkers biopics squealing with glee); doing a solid job as the least interesting person in the room in both Roman Polanski's Bitter Moon and John Duigan's Sirens.It was the massive success of Four Weddings and Funeral in 1994, frothy as Asti Spumante, that sealed his stardom, cemented his screen persona, and subsequently triggered rabid tabloid curiosity about his off-screen relationships with Elizabeth Hurley and Jemima Khan.

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