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It was so funny seeing it in the daylight, stripped of everything…

Mary Berry’s departure from The Great British Bake Off made headline news; Prue Leith’s subsequent arrival on the show gained similar headlines; and now Andi Oliver, who people will know from Radio 4’s joyous Kitchen Cabinet, has replaced Leith on Great British Menu. I arrive in her eponymous north London restaurant and am immediately made to feel at home, with a cup of tea, a salted caramel and chocolate cake, and a seat on the bench in the back garden, which is full of flowers, fairy lights and cool-looking people.“Let’s be clear,” Gove’s wife Sarah Vine wrote in her newspaper column yesterday, “the Grey Coat Hospital (in Westminster) is not exactly Sinkhouse High”.This time last year we learned that Nick Clegg and his wife Miriam González Durántez were sending their son to Fulham’s London Oratory School, the strict Catholic outfit chosen by the Blairs for their children.Holland Park, Grey Coat and the Oratory, which regularly send their best students to Oxbridge and universities of the Ivy League, are three of a growing group of London schools thought of by parents as equal or superior to local private establishments.With famous parents and high-achieving alumni, London’s non-selective “super states” are a far cry from Vine’s description of Hammersmith and West London Comprehensive in the Eighties, “where being able to spell your own name was considered a mark of genius”.

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